Coral Reef Papers - Puerto Rico

Coral reefs are biologically produced structures that in time exert control on the surrounding environments. Modern reefs are a focal point for study by varied groups of researchers, each of whom have their own perspectives and priorities.

This section contains papers that have been published describing the coral reefs of Puerto Rico.

Modification of coral reef zonation by terrigenous sediment stress
Sediment stress and coral reefs
Bioturbation of carbonate reef sands
Shelf reefs, southwestern Puerto Rico
Marine geology of the Parguera-Guanica guadrangles, Puerto Rico
Seas at the Millennium - Puerto Rico
Status of coral reefs, southwest Puerto Rico
Marine Geology of Jobos Bay, Puerto Rico
Puertorican reefs: research synthesis, present threats and management perspectives
Holocene reef backstepping - southwestern Puerto Rico shelf
Differences in coral cover between high and low sediment influx areas southwestern, PR
Effects of terrigenous sediments influx on the coral cover and linear extension rate
Coral survey extent
Monitoring change in coral colonies by changing physical environments
Depth critical environments
Reef Restoration

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