The Department of Geology and the Puerto Rico Seismic Network from the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus cordially invites the geological community and public in general to its 27th Annual Symposium
Earthquakes and Tsunamis in the Northeastern Caribbean Preparedness and Mitigation

The 27th Annual Symposium will be held in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico from October 11-15, 2011.

An all day-long exhibition celebrating the Earth Science week will take place at the Mayagüez Mall on Saturday, October 8th. Exhibitors from the Department of Geology, the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, Emergency Management Agencies, and many more will be present to provide information and hands-on exhibitions for everyone.

The symposium will begin with a Plenary session on Universal Hour on Tuesday October 11, followed by a field trip visiting key locations on western Puerto Rico affected by the 1918 Mona Passage tsunami. Talks have been scheduled for Thursday and Friday. A closed-session post-tsunami survey workshop is scheduled for Saturday for Emergency Management Officials and Puerto Rico Seismic Network employees.

The Symposium will charge $5/day on talk days Thursday and Friday to all government and private industry participants. It will be free for all students, faculty and university employees. Likewise, a Certificate of Continuing Education will be available for a cost of $40. Please indicate at registration whether you are interested in obtaining the Certificate of Continuing Education for the contact hours you will be attending at the symposium. The field trip on Wednesday, October 12 will have a cost of $5/person to help cover transportation expenses. If you are interested in the field trip, select the check box at registration.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I invite you to participate and
join us for a week-long program featuring many exciting events and talks
from distinguished national and international researchers.

Hope to see you there.
Alberto M. López Venegas

Punta Borinquen lighthouse ruins
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