The 31st Annual Symposium on Caribbean Geology will be held in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico froma March 7-8, 2016.

We expect the participation of our alumni and other geologists with interest on geoscience

Invited Speakers
GSA Thompson International Distinguished Lecturer: Professor Lisa L. Ely

"Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin: Combining geological and historical evidence to asses tsunami hazards"

"Geomorphic Signatures of Natural and Artificial Dams on River Landscapes"

AWG Distinguished Lecturer:
Professor Tamie J. Jovanelly

"Tsunami Aftermath: How does a city rebuild? Case studies from Japan"

"Battling green mamba infestation, finding the missing luggage, and the documentation of "run-run" money: True tales of an international field research"

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2016 Schedule and Program